• Donations help keep Craft Portal running and donations will go back into helping pay for running costs. In return for your kindness you will be rewarded with perks

  • You will recieve all the perks from the previous tier when purchasing a higher tier (e.g. vip recieves all pro and supporter perks)
  • All donation purchases are handled through Tebex (also known as BuyCraft) using the payment gateway of PayPal. We will never see or store any of your card payment details
  • Please note, pressing donate will not take any money until you complete your purchase. It will just take you to our web store where you can see more details of the tier perks


  • 5 home locations
  • Custom in-game & discord tags
  • Set your own nickname (/nick)
  • /kit supporter
  • Name on a sign at spawn


  • All Supporter perks
  • 8 home locations
  • Ability to use Keep Inventory
  • Access to in-game donator shop
  • /kit pro


  • All Pro perks
  • 15 home locations
  • Ability to fly
  • /kit vip
  • More.. (click Donate to see more)